Find joy.
City Surfer
Shaped by the unseen
I am born, birthed by the unseen, far away.
My life has been turbulent, fashioned by storms, yet I march on.
Brothers and sisters hem me in, we march together.Nobody knows our story.
Suddenly, land! A glimpse of glory and my final hour.
I draw a final breath, I rise, shaped by the unseen…
I curl, I peel, I crash, and strangers share my story.

by Joseba Attard
Personal branding
One of the disciplines I’d like to learn more about is animation. I have very limited flash skills and haven’t yet jumped into the world of After Effects, so I’m restricted to animated gifs! I guess that’s a bit like a designer saying he uses Microsoft Paint, but for now it’s all I have.
For what it’s worth, here’s a very mediocre attempt at an animation showing the meaning behind my logotype.
Letting go of the anchor
I have no idea why but I seem to be noticing quite a few anchors appearing on the surf scene. They are on caps, t-shirts, surfboards, people are getting tattoos of anchors, and I still haven’t worked out what the appeal is. Don’t get me wrong, I like anchors, they are a nice symmetrical shape, they are associated with the sea etc, but anchors are designed to hold you to a certain place, whereas for me personally, one of the joys that surfing offers is the chance to explore, to be free and not tied down. Just a thought…
The birth of snowboarding
There are many wonderful moments in life. This was one of them.I recently received this message from my Basque friend Peru Magdalena:(English translation below)
Zugaz amestu dot Joseba.Egon gara elurretan. Jentie eskietan inguruen. Eskiekin.Baina zuk nahi zendun, uda zanez, surf eitie.Orduen hasi zara surf tabla baten gainien botaten elurretan.Kiloiek molestau eitten dotzun. Kendu ein dotzagu killie. Eta orduen dana perfekto!Eta konturatu gara snow eittie dala hori. Eta zuk asmatu dozula.Eta konturatu gara nire ametsien gauzela eta orduen adostu dogu itxartzerakuen kontau eingo notzule, oin eitten nabilen moduen.
I dreamt about you Joseba.We were in the snow. People were skiing all around us with their skis.But as it was summer, you wanted to surf.So you started surfing in the snow.The fins got in the way so we took them off and then it was just perfect!Then we realised that we were actually snowboarding, and that you invented it.Then we realised we were in my dream and so we agreed that when we woke up, I would tell you the dream, which is what I am doing now.
I have used my JA logo mark since 2005. It is a combination of my initials ‘J’ and ‘A’, but it also represents a little bit of family history. By blood, I am half Basque, a quarter Maltese and a quarter English, shown in the logo by a ‘half’ and two ‘quarters’.
I recently stumbled across a monogram by the brilliant Alex Trochut, and decided to have a go at replicating the technique.